The Best Ductless AC Contractors in Quincy, IL & Surrounding Areas

You don’t need an air duct system to enjoy the comfort and convenience of a high-quality home HVAC system. With Air Specialists Heating & Air Conditioning’s ductless AC services, you can customize your climate control to your heart’s content.

Your Guide to Ductless Mini Splits

As the name suggests, a ductless mini-split works by splitting your HVAC system into two main components. An outdoor condensing unit works to provide heating and cooling in much the same way as a standard heat pump. Meanwhile, one or more indoor units function as air handlers, directly delivering conditioned air to their surrounding spaces.

Instead of an extensive network of air ducts, all that’s needed to connect these two components is a small conduit. This makes ductless AC systems easier and less disruptive to install, especially in limited space areas. Indoor units can be placed nearly anywhere, allowing you to deliver heating and cooling with pinpoint precision.

Ductless Ac In Home

What Can Ductless AC Do for You?

The sheer flexibility of a ductless mini-split system makes it a great choice for various applications. Ductless units are very effective at supplementing central AC systems by targeting areas that are hard to reach. They also make it easy to expand your climate control system without adding ductwork or overtaxing your existing equipment. Our expert technicians can also configure ductless multi-split systems that provide independent controls for each unit for greater personalization. Some of the most popular uses for ductless AC include:

  • Eliminating hot and cold spots for more even comfort
  • Adding heating and cooling to new additions and remodeled spaces
  • Creating an HVAC zoning system for unparalleled control

Comprehensive Ductless AC Services

At Air Specialists Heating & Air Conditioning, we’re trained and equipped to meet all your ductless HVAC needs. Starting with a detailed consultation, we can help you explore a range of solutions that fit within your budget. We offer convenient scheduling, transparent pricing, and prompt, professional installation of your entire system.

To help keep your ductless AC system in top condition, we also offer affordable, preventive maintenance services. If your system isn’t working correctly, you can count on us for speedy and reliable repairs as well. From refrigerant leaks to capacitor failures, our technicians can repair any issues with any brand of ductless HVAC equipment.

When your comfort is at stake, no one works harder than the experts at Air Specialists Heating & Air Conditioning. From system installations to emergency repairs, we’re proud to be the premier ductless AC contractor in Quincy, IL, Palmyra and Hannibal, MO, and the surrounding areas.

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