When the weather turns wintry in and around Quincy, IL, nothing is more critical for indoor comfort than a smooth-running heating system. The last thing you want when a blanket of snow covers the ground is to find yourself shivering under the covers! Here’s what to do if your heating system suddenly starts blowing cool air out of the vents.

Check the Thermostat

While this may sound obvious, the first thing to do is verify that your system is in heating mode. Whether from vigorous dusting or an accidental bump while carrying packages, it’s surprisingly easy for the “heat” switch on thermostats to get turned off unintentionally. If you own a heat pump, double-check to ensure you’ve changed the reversing valve setting from cooling to heating.

Change the Filter

Heating system filters clean the air headed into your furnace or heat pump. If not changed regularly, the captured dust, dirt and contaminants clog the filter, limiting airflow. A clogged filter also decreases system efficiency by up to 15%. It’s a smart strategy to stock up on HVAC filters for the winter, check them frequently and change them at the first sign of dirt.

Call in the Pros

From faulty electrical components to refrigerant leaks, a number of more severe issues can cause heating systems to blow cool air. You’ll need a skilled professional to address issues that pose safety hazards for you and your family. The most cost-effective way to avoid waking up shivering is to schedule HVAC maintenance before the first snowfall.

Whether you need a minor fix or a major repair, you can count on the NATE-certified experts at Air Specialists Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. to rectify the problem. For more information, explore our heating system services or give us a call today. We’re readily available to ensure you and your family stay comfortable and warm all winter.

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