If your home in Hannibal, Missouri, suffers from warm and cool areas, the problem is probably caused by faulty ductwork, an airflow imbalance or a mechanical issue. Here are a few ways to identify and resolve your home’s temperature challenges.

Top Causes of HVAC Airflow Problems

Damaged ducts are the number one cause of poor airflow. Flexible ducts are susceptible to damage, and they sometimes get twisted, disconnected or kinked. In addition to creating hot and cold spots, defective ducts reduce your indoor air quality, increase the operating noise and create humidity imbalances. However, if your ducts are in good condition, the problem could be caused by a structural issue or another factor.

  • Insulation: Certain rooms may feel drafty or stuffy due to structural damage or inconsistent insulation levels.
  • Heat Gain: Some spaces have greater heating and cooling demands due to sun exposure or heat-generating activities like cooking.
  • Equipment: If you have a furnace or a heat pump, electrical and mechanical issues can affect the airflow rate and the unit’s output.

Air Balancing and Other Solutions for Improved Comfort

Most airflow imbalances can be resolved without making major changes to your home or your HVAC system. At Air Specialists Heating & Air Conditioning, we use a three-step approach to test, adjust and balance your home’s airflow.

  • Tuneups: During preseason checkups, we detect mechanical and electrical malfunctions and adjust the blower components for optimal performance.
  • Ductwork: Static pressure tests help us verify the air pressure in the return and supply ducts. They can also rule out leaks that could be impacting your comfort.
  • Air Balancing: For individualized comfort, consider an air balancing system that uses motorized dampers to direct heating and cooling to areas that need it most, eliminating warm and cool spots.

According to Energy Star, cleaning and adjusting the blower assembly can generate a 15 percent increase in efficiency. Air balancing can also improve your comfort and provide other benefits. To learn more or to schedule an air conditioning repair, call us at (573) 212-8731.

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