It is still getting chilly at night in Bowling Green, MO, and the last thing you need is a heat pump that isn’t blowing warm air. Thankfully, our licensed technicians can address the problems that could be making things uncomfortable in your home and get it back to being comfortable.

Make Sure There Is Really a Problem

Sometimes, the air coming from the heat pump may feel cooler than it should even if it is working properly. Our bodies run at an average of 98.6 degrees, and the hot air is a few degrees cooler than that.

Check the air coming from the vents with an infrared thermometer. If the temperature is reading between 85 and 92 degrees, the system is likely working just fine. If the temperature of the airflow is reading much cooler than that, then it’s time to contact our professional team for servicing.

Two More Things to Check to Be Sure the Unit Is Not Working Properly

You may have a dirty air filter if you’re not getting hot air circulating in your home. Be sure to take a look at your air filter to see if this is the culprit. Another possibility is that your system is set to the “ON” setting as opposed to “AUTO”.

Possible Reasons Your Heat Pump May Need Servicing

Some typical issues that may be affecting the heat pump are leaky refrigerator lines or a potentially faulty reversing valve. Other possibilities include bad compressor valves, the compressor not functioning or an iced-up outdoor unit.

For any of these potential reasons, you can call our team at Air Specialists Heating and Air Conditioning. We have been providing services to our customers in the Bowling Green, MO, for many years, and are well-versed in heat pump repair. Give Air Specialists Heating and Air Conditioning a call to get the heat in your home or office keeping your comfortable again.

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