Your commercial HVAC system is essential to the smooth operation of your business in Palmyra, MO. Uncomfortable room temperatures and poorly regulated humidity can decrease employee performance and could even impact the proper operation of your equipment. Keep an eye out for these issues to ensure reliable year round operation of your HVAC.

Airflow Issues

Airflow problems can have many causes, but the symptoms are easy to spot. Watch for changes in temperature from space to space within your building. Noise coming from the ducting or vents is another sign that your system needs servicing.

Poor Air Quality

The air we breathe indoors needs treatment via filtration units and air cleaners. You need to change your air filters regularly, at least a few times a year, because if you leave them in too long, they’ll clog and you’ll start to see more dust in your building than usual.

An HVAC technician can inspect your heating and cooling system and tell you how often you need new air filters to keep it running at peak performance. Also, if employees tell you that their breathing issues get worse when they’re at work, you need your filtering system checked.

Low Refrigerant

You can sense low refrigerant issues through uneven cooling, strange noises or smells coming from the system or a jump in your energy bills. If you have noticed any of these issues, you need to have a professional come out to top off your refrigerant. Doing this will save you from having to replace the system when it fails years sooner than it should.

Thermostat Failure

This can be hard to spot and is often the last problem you’d think to look for. Though less common than the other issues, a failing thermostat (especially a modern one) can wreak havoc on your HVAC system’s performance. If you have ruled out everything else, ask a professional to make sure your thermostat is functioning correctly.

Our Commercial HVAC technicians at Air Specialists Heating and Air Conditioning are experts who have a lot of experience serving the needs of businesses in the Palmyra, MO, area. Call us today for any repairs you need or if you are just thinking of tuning up your HVAC system.

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