While it may be late in the year and the weather may already be pretty cold in Quincy, IL, there’s still time to schedule your heating tune-up to make sure your system will be ready to go when the coldest winter weather hits.

You Can Still Get the Jump on Winter With a Heating Tune-up

Though it may be ideal to schedule your heating system maintenance a little earlier in the season, it’s still better to schedule a tune-up a little late than to ignore it and hope your heating system makes it through another winter. While the weather has definitely been cold, the fact that it isn’t the dead of winter yet increases the chances that your heater’s been up to the task so far. You still have time to get that tune-up scheduled and make sure your system will be ready when the temperatures drop even further and the colder weather begins settling in.

Add Warmth to Your Home in Time for the Holidays

Make sure you have dependable winter warmth to make your holiday celebrations brighter and your family gatherings cozier. Being better prepared by getting routine HVAC maintenance out of the way before the holidays hit will also help you avoid potential disruptions to your holiday festivities.

Act Now to Avoid a Mid-Winter Heating Repair

The colder the weather gets, the more uncomfortable and inconvenient furnace breakdowns become. Repairs are also almost always more expensive than simple HVAC system maintenance tasks such as heating tune-ups. On top of that, there’s also more of a chance of service delays as others who’ve skimped on regular system maintenance line up to wait their own heating repairs. Put all that together and you can see that it simply isn’t worth waiting in the hope of saving a little money now. In the long run, it will end up costing you more.

The best move you can make for your family’s comfort and your peace of mind is to call Air Specialists Heating and Air Conditioning today at (217) 280-4125 and let us provide the high-quality heating tune-up you need now to avoid high heating repair bills later.

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