Regular heating maintenance can prevent up to 95 percent of furnace and heat pump breakdowns in your Quincy, Illinois, home. When things do go wrong, immediate action can correct the problem and prevent complications. Here’s when to call for help:

You Hear Strange Noises

Unusual noises coming from your heat pump or furnace are nothing to ignore. Banging, clunking, squealing, clicking, whistling and other odd sounds should be assessed by a professional at once. In the meantime, it’s best not to operate the unit, if it’s possible. That will protect your equipment from further damage.

There’s Not Enough Heat

A refrigerant leak, a faulty thermostat or a bad compressor can all interfere with heating output. The duct work serving your furnace may have leaks. Poor airflow caused by obstructions in the system can limit the flow of heat. All of these issues can cause utility bills to skyrocket. If your heater is older, it may be time for a new heat pump installation or a furnace replacement.

The Outdoor Unit Is Not Defrosting

Ice on the outdoor unit of a heat pump is normal. It’s also normal for vapor to rise from the unit and quickly dissipate. However, if the unit develops an excessively thick coating of ice and doesn’t defrost by itself, it’s time to summon help. Abnormal ice buildup can interfere with heating performance and cause irreparable damage to the rest of your HVAC equipment.

The Furnace Has Trouble Starting Up

Although this is often due to old age, trouble at startup can also signal other furnace issues that should be addressed without delay. The wiring inside the unit might be bad, or you might have a thermostat issue.

If you think you need furnace repair or heat pump repair, don’t wait. The experts at Air Specialists Heating & Air can help. Call (217) 280-4125 for 24/7 emergency heating service.

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