Did you know that dirt and neglect are the primary causes for HVAC system failures? The following DIY HVAC maintenance tasks can help keep your heating and cooling systems operating at peak performance year-round.

Change the Air Filter

Timely air filter changes help protect your HVAC equipment from the damaging effects of dust and debris. It can also save you a bundle of money. Simply replacing a dirty or clogged filter with a clean one can lower the system’s energy consumption by up to 15%!

Clean the Coil Fins

Keeping the outdoor unit of your HVAC system free of dirt, leaves and other debris helps the equipment operate more efficiently. It also helps protect the equipment from damage. Begin by cleaning the grill of aluminum fins on the unit’s exterior with a gentle spray from a hose, so that the condenser and compressor get the air they need to work properly. Deeper cleaning should be completed by a trained technician. Next, trim trees and cut back foliage to maintain at least 2 to 3 feet of clear space around the unit’s perimeter.

Check the Condensate Line

Air conditioning systems work by using a refrigerant to remove heat from the air and move it outside. Since warm air holds more water vapor than cooled air, moisture also gets collected during the process. The system’s condensate line drains the accumulated liquid outdoors. Checking the condensate lines for leaks or blockages during warm weather can safeguard your wallet from unexpected repairs.

If you feel comfortable working with the condensate line, occasionally pass a stiff wire through the drain channel. You may also wish to pour a diluted solution of vinegar and water down the line to reduce microbial growth. If you’re uncertain how to do it, ask your service technician to show you the ropes on your next HVAC maintenance appointment.

For more information about HVAC maintenance, call Air Specialists Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. Regular tune-ups performed by our qualified technician help ensure your heating and cooling systems work effectively and efficiently for as long as you own them.

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