For residents of Quincy, IL and neighboring communities, preserving indoor air quality in the home and workplace is not always an easy task. The state is home to a sizable population, various essential industries and many national travel routes, as well as plenty of pollen and natural air contaminants. Seeking effective air purification and quality control solutions is particularly important for those living in urban and dense suburban areas.

Control Emission Sources

Controlling the output of contaminants is often the most important step towards improving overall indoor air quality, according to the EPA. Homeowners should take a full and detailed inventory of all possible sources of contaminants in their home. Some structural materials, like asbestos, can release hazardous particles into the air over time. You should also examine all areas of the home, including ducts and vents, for signs of bacterial growth.

Increase Ventilation and Airflow

Insufficient ventilation and poor air circulation are a common problem in new and old homes alike. The design and layout of the HVAC system can limit your options, but there are plenty of ways to encourage better air circulation. Property owners should ensure all vents are unblocked, including intakes, and consider installing more powerful ventilation fans in areas with emission sources as needed. Commercial HVAC concerns or considerations are often more complex than domestic ones, so air quality in a work environment typically warrants a professional analysis and advanced solutions.

Use Purification Technology

Installing air purifiers or air cleaners takes domestic air quality control to the next level. Professional purification solutions, including some types of HVAC filter options, can significantly reduce the concentration of pollen, dust and other allergens in the air as it circulates. Systems with UV light filtration technology can also combat the growth of biologic growth, bacteria and other pathogens in the home.

Improving indoor air quality is often a multi-step process that requires vigilance and maintenance over time. Check out the air quality solutions from Air Specialists Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. to learn more about how you can safely and efficiently improve your indoor air quality for your home or business.

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