Excessive indoor humidity creates a a variety of problems for your home and family. Not only can high relative humidity damage building materials and home furnishings, but it can also make your Quincy, IL home more hospitable to bacteria, viruses and other allergens. Indoor air that holds too much moisture is also a key cause of discomfort in summer, as it prevents your air conditioner from adequately cooling your space. Here are a few ways to get a handle on humidity, giving your family the additional comfort that will help them stay cool and collected all summer long:

Install an HVAC System Dehumidifier

Is your system an older, less-efficient model that can no longer keep up with the demands the summer weather places upon it? Or is it oversized, making it blast cooled air into your home quickly and turn off before it’s removed sufficient moisture for indoor comfort? For whatever reason, if your AC system is unable to handle the humidity inside your home, an HVAC system dehumidifier can help. Remember: No matter how cold you keep your space, sufficient humidity removal is the only way to achieve the additional comfort you desire.

Locate and Correct Other Humidity Issues

To optimize dehumidification, a little detective work can help you find additional sources of humidity in your home, letting you make sure you’re handling these issues in the most effective way. For example, are you using exhaust fans in the kitchen while cooking and in the bathroom while showering? Are you keeping doors and windows closed in summer to prevent outdoor humidity from entering? These are just a few key actions you can take to help your HVAC do an even better job.

Consult an HVAC Dehumidification Expert

The HVAC experts at Air Specialists Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. understand relative humidity and what it takes to keep it under control. We’re always happy to consult with you to help you solve your indoor humidity issues. Call to schedule a consultation today and get a free estimate for installing the HVAC system dehumidifier that can make the difference. In MO, call (573) 212-8731 or in IL, call (217) 280-4125.

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