Take care of your HVAC system in Quincy, IL, and it will effectively cool and heat your home efficiently for many years. The key is regular maintenance, as it helps protect and preserve vital AC components. In this guide, you’ll learn a few common signs that mean that an HVAC system needs maintenance.

Odd Energy Bill Surges

During the peak of every season, a typical air conditioning system will work harder to maintain consistent temperatures in a home. These conditions can raise your monthly energy costs slightly. However, if your bill spikes at a time unrelated to weather, it typically indicates performance issues.

Get a tune-up for your system and avoid high energy bills each season. We offer prompt and professional tune-ups for a variety of HVAC systems.

Reduced Air Circulation

An air conditioner system distributes air everywhere in a home through ducts. If debris builds up in these ducts, less air reaches the vents. The solution is the filter; if you inspect it regularly, you’ll prevent blockages that can reduce air circulation.

Reduced airflow is expected if the filter is dirty. If your filter is clean and your airflow is still low, a defective fan may be the issue. In this situation, call for our air conditioning maintenance or repair service to assist you.

Strange Sounds During Cooling or Heating Cycles

During a heating or cooling cycle, a residential or commercial air conditioner may produce different types of sounds. If you hear whistling, air is escaping, which means that a component is leaking. When you hear rattling or grinding noises, the system has a mechanical issue, and it’s time to call a professional.

Call Air Specialist Heating & Air Conditioning today and set up an appointment for our maintenance services. If you need immediate maintenance following a sudden breakdown, you can take advantage of our 24-hour emergency service.

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