Achoo! If you’re one of the more than 100 million Americans who suffer from allergies, sneezing is an all-too-familiar symptom. Find out how the Trane CleanEffects air cleaner helps allergy sufferers breathe easier every season of the year.

How HVAC Air Cleaners Work

Generally speaking, all air cleaners work on the same principle: they help trap airborne contaminants, including sneeze-inducing allergens. It’s how well they do the job that differentiates one from another. Unlike point-of-use air cleaners that can’t keep your entire home allergy-free, Trane’s CleanEffects works with the ductwork in your central air conditioning and heating systems. Typically installed near the air handler, it catches up to 99.98% of airborne particles, preventing them from circulating through your home.

Setting the Standard for Indoor Air Quality

What differentiates Trane’s CleanEffects from other whole-home air cleaners? To begin with, it’s up to 100 times more effective at removing pollutants than an HVAC system’s standard filter. By capturing particles as small as 0.3 microns, the device removes the contaminants most dangerous to your health: the microscopic particulates that get inhaled deep into your lungs. Here’s another benefit: Trane’s CleanEffects is so effective that it can reduce the dust in your home by up to 50%!

A Trusted Trane Product

Known for producing dependable, energy-saving products, Trane has consistently been rated the top residential HVAC brand. A survey of more than 9,000 American homeowners rated Trane as the best in the business. As a certified Trane Comfort Dealer, Air Specialists Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. installs a variety of the company’s indoor air quality products, including the highly effective CleanEffects air cleaner.

At Air Specialists Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., we’re proud to offer products like Trane’s CleanEffects that make your home in and around Quincy, Illinois, a more comfortable and healthier place to live. For more information, check out our indoor air quality section or call us today.

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