If you do just one thing to save money in your Hannibal, MO, home this year, schedule HVAC maintenance. Study after study shows that the benefits of annual tune-ups greatly outweigh the costs. Maintenance saves you money in a variety of ways:

1. HVAC Maintenance Means Fewer Repairs and Service Calls

By some estimates, almost all HVAC repairs result from problems that could have been corrected much sooner with preventive maintenance. During an inspection, issues that require attention can be addressed immediately. This proactive approach can save a bundle in repair costs and service calls.

2. Greater Energy Efficiency and Lower Utility Bills

An HVAC system that’s been actively at work for the last six months accumulates a layer of dust and dirt. That build-up impedes system performance and reduces energy efficiency by forcing your HVAC to overwork. During maintenance, the build-up of dirt is removed from your system so that it can function optimally. The energy savings of running a clean HVAC system can reach 35 percent.

3. Longer HVAC Lifespan and Fewer HVAC Replacements

The lifespan of your HVAC is strongly determined by its maintenance schedule. The average lifespan of air conditioners and heat pumps is 10 to 15 years. Furnaces usually last for 15 to 20 years. Regular maintenance can extend those lifespans considerably. On the other hand, poor maintenance can reduce HVAC system life expectancy by up to half. If you want to save money on HVAC replacements, preventive maintenance is essential.

4. A Valid System Warranty and Continuing HVAC Protection

Most HVAC warranties require that you have the system serviced every year. If you miss service calls, you could be left high and dry financially if something goes wrong.

At Air Specialists Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., we’re convinced that our maintenance service is one of the best deals around. Our maintenance plans can help you to save even more. Call us to schedule your seasonal tune-up today. In Missouri, call (573) 212-8731 and in Illinois, call (217) 280-4125.

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