Trane EarthWise™ Geothermal Systems

Trane EarthWise Geothermal Systems can be configured in multiple ways

Packaged Systems

These systems circulate fluid through the earth, and through a coil that absorbs or dissipates heat depending on the season.


Trane’s most efficient packaged geothermal solution, offering up to 29.4 EER efficiency and available in single and two-stage. The variable speed blower motor offers up to 12 airflow selections, to keep your comfort even and efficient. Optional heating for your water supply is available.


A rating of up to 23.7 EER and two-stage heating and cooling mean you’ll enjoy incredible comfort and efficiency from a combination of forced air heating, forced air cooling, radiant heat and a dedicated hot water heater. Variable speed airflow offers 12 different settings, and optional additional heating for your water supply is available.


This single-stage packaged system’s EER of up to 18.5 means energy efficient comfort all year. Offers a single-speed blower with five airflow selections and optional heating for your water supply.


Water Heating and Cooling Systems

These systems circulate the fluid through the earth, transferring heat to and from another fluid loop built into your home.


Offers the efficiency of up to 17.5 EER and single-stage heating and cooling. Maintains comfortable temperatures through radiant heating and cooling, while providing hot water for daily use.


Offers an efficiency of up to 22.5 EER along with the flexibility of two-stage water heating and cooling.